What Attorneys Have to Say…

“Sandy is an excellent personal injury paralegal. She is thorough, meticulous, incisive, and highly motivated. Her skills span the full range of case evaluation, client/witness interviews, fact analysis, preparing and answering interrogatories and document requests, abstracting and analyzing depositions, motion practice and trial preparation. Importantly, she is very collegial and easy to work with–a true asset who has proven herself to be invaluable. As a busy sole practitioner, Sandy is someone I have come to count on with complete confidence.”

— Andrew R. Jacobs, Esq.

“Sandy’s ability to review experts’ reports and highlight weaknesses is terrific, leading to stronger final reports by my experts and areas of cross- examination of my adversaries’ experts. Her direct, cross- examination, and deposition outlines zero in on what I need. And her investigative abilities are invaluable. For instance, she played a significant role in obtaining proof that a defendant driver was in the scope of employment, resulting in an $11 million dollar settlement with the driver’s employer.”

— Barry M. Epstein, Esq.

“Sandy is the ideal complement to any personal injury lawyer. Using her services saves time and money. Besides her great interpersonal skills with clients and experts, she drafts discovery, develops examination outlines, and provides keen insight when preparing for trial. Her crisp, concise deposition summaries are the best I’ve seen. Her motion Certifications are right on target and show her understanding of the key case points. I can focus on other legal work, confident that Sandy is getting things done right.”

— James D. Toll, Esq.