With over thirty years of paralegal experience focused mainly on personal injury and products liability, my goal is to help you manage and grow your practice. In addition to my services listed below, I am always happy to discuss special projects and assignments. I perform all work. I do not outsource.


Client Intake

  • Client screening and evaluation of liability and damages issues


  • Prepare and respond to Interrogatories
  • Review adversary’s answers to Interrogatories for missing or incomplete information and to identify persons to interview/depose
  • Prepare and respond to Requests for Production

Deposition Summaries

  • Prepare page-by-page and/or key points summaries

Document Review

  • Expert Reports—Review draft reports for strengths, weaknesses and errors; analyze adversary’s experts’ reports for cross-examination areas
  • Medical Records—Review for key damages issues

Off Site Meetings

  • Attend inspections
  • Accompany clients to Independent Medical Examinations


  • Interview witnesses
  • Photograph accident scenes
  • Communicate with experts, government agencies and corporate entities to obtain information to support case
  • Review police and fire department records, and other documents

Case Preparation

  • Prepare case for mock trials, arbitration, settlement conferences and trials